Welcome to my Digital Cookbook!

Welcome to my Digital Cookbook!

I’m Finnley, my friends call me Finn, and I’m a 30-year-old nerd with a passion for trying new things. One of my motto’s is “if you think you can do it better, do it yourself”. Usually I try it myself first before I ask for help, sometimes with more serious consequences. My parters are not always happy with it, but still very supportive! I have sadly not had the energy to for the past couple of years, but I love to spend my time researching recipes, trying these recipes in my kitchen and of course sharing these recipes with you in two languages.

How it all started

This all started in 2014, when I found my dad’s notes in an old cookbook. I come from a big family of ‘bon vivants’, who love cooking, baking and simply enjoying life to the fullest, and I was slowly getting back on track after my mother died. I decided to get more into baking, as cooking was mostly my partners hobby and I’ve always had a sweet tooth. People enjoyed my bakings and started asking for the recipes, so I decided to write them down. As more people kept asking for the recipes I made a little blogspot and FullyStuffedGeek was born.

Speaking of support..

I do everything for FullyStuffedGeek myself. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I don’t just write recipes, but I also take and edit the photos, create and maintain the website, designed the logo.. That’s a LOT for a hobby, but I love it. I don’t use any advertisements and I’d like to keep it that way, but that means that everything I do I’ll have to pay for myself, so you can get my recipes for free without the annoying flashy ads. Now don’t get me wrong, as I said before I love to do all this, but to keep the site running for a year will cost me €100,-. Will you help me cover these costs? You can donate through the button below. Thanks a lot!

But wait, there’s more!

I also have other, less frequently practiced, hobbies. My partners and I like cosplay (for those who don’t know this, it’s a kind of fancy dress party for not-so-adults) and we usually ensure that our costumes match and we preferably make everything ourselves, as much as possible. Always up for a challenge! We also play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons with our friends and we enjoy painting miniature figurines to play D&D with.

Thank you for stopping to read my story and I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Love, Finnley