AmyShortstuff Portfolio

In my spare time, I like to make (digital) art. I am taking commissions at this point, provided the deadline is not super tight.

I love to be creative with many different media, one of which is digital art. I can make emotes, logo’s, subbadges and overlays. I am completely self taught and illustrator is my favourite program.

Interested? Mail me:

This website is where it all started. Apart from the hosting and theme, this entire website is made and maintained by myself.


Some of my personal projects and part of my Twitch channel.


Logo, pannels and offline banner made for SenbarFlay on Twitch.


Logo and subscriber badge made for SmilingBanditUK on Twitch.


Emotes made for ApproxGuant on Twitch.


Emote made for Kazzam476 on Twitch.


Logo, business cards and thank you cards for Merruroshop. Website is part of our arrangement, but is still under construction at this point.