Custom Wiimote Tutorial

Custom Wiimote Tutorial

A while ago I showed you my custom Wiimotes on my Facebook page. When I asked you who would be interested in a tutorial you were enthusiastic, so here we are!


  • Wiimote and/or nunchuck
  • Tri-wing screwdriver (bought on ebay)
  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Fine sandingpaper
  • Primer, I used acrylics primer, because I use acrylic pait.
  • Paint, I used acrylic
  • clearcoat spray

Take your wiimote and nunchuck and clean them thoroughly. Start with the wiimote by removing the strap and battery cover. Next you’ll need to remove the screws, because we just want to change the front cover. If you use an original Nintendo controller, or a good fake, you’ll need a special tri-wing screwdriver. I bought my controllers in China and these have normal philips screws.

IMG_8540 IMG_8541IMG_8545
If you’ve removed the screws, the bottom will open on its own. The top appears to be stuck, this is when you’ll use your flat screwdriver. Put the screwdriver in the open edge and move it towards the top. At about half a centimeter from the top, there should be a clip which you can open by pushing the screwdriver inward. Repeat this on the other side and you should be able to lift off the top.


Take all of the loose things out of the front cover, even the buttons! Don’t worry, Nintendo designed them to fit only one way so you can put them back in oplace with ease. Don’t forget to remove the LED cover at the bottom! Otherwise you’ll paint over it and you won’t know which player you are. Repeat these steps for the nunchucks, even the clips!

IMG_8556 IMG_8557 IMG_8563

Sand the covers, so the paint will stick. I sand away all the text too, so it cannot shine through the paint. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth and dry them. Use a thin layer of primer and let it dry completely.

IMG_8565 IMG_8566 IMG_8568

While the primer is drying it’s time for the design! Download the layout here, so you can draw your design at the right size. Cut out the design and put it on the controller and draw the outlines. Use your design to fill in the lines. This is my method, but you could also use charcoal for transfer or directly draw on the controller.

IMG_8573 IMG_8574

Now it’s time for the most important part: painting! Use the paint to color your design, I used gold and silver acrylics for the background. I have colored everything first, then I took my finest brush and used black paint to draw the lines. You can make it as complicated as you like. If your design is finished and dried completely, you can use clearcoat to seal it. This is important, because the design would wear off easily if you didn’t!

Here it is! A customised wiimote and nunchuck!

Happy Crafting!


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